Software Highlights

Streamline utility customer billing and communication.

  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Streamline the Billing Process
  • Enhance Customer Service & Communication
  • Stay Compliant with Regulatory Changes
  • Scale without Disruptions
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Generate Utility & Customer Reports
  • Track Usage & Receive Alerts for Outstanding Payments
  • Apply Complex Billing Calculations & Algorithms
  • And More

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Utility Usage Dashboard

Industry Highlighted Software Solutions

Utility Billing

Automate the utility billing process, track, manage, and send reminders for payments.

Utility Tracking

Automate utility readings and usage to provide customers with accurate bill statements.

Customer Management

Track and manage customer bills and utility usage and centralize communication with customers.

Utility Usage by Area

Track utility usage by selected areas and compare usage between various utilities.

Document Attachment & Management

Store, organize, and retrieve documents easily, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of document loss.

Meter Integrations

Integrate directly with utility meters and get accurate readings.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into utility usage, customer behavior, and overall bill payments.

Custom Billing Parameters

Apply custom billing parameters and charge customers accordingly.

Compliance & Reporting

Get alerts and updates on changing regulations and stay informed to ensure legal compliance.

Internal & External Alert Notification

Set alerts and notifications for past-due bills and utility overages.

Customer Portal

Customers can make payments online and view their utility usage and past statements.

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