Contract & Lease Terms Management

Contract & Lease Terms Management

Track and manage all contracts under your portfolio in an intelligent and optimized dashboard. Digitize records, contracts, and lease terms into the cloud to access and keep up-to-date anywhere in the world. Built-in notifications and alerts to automatically notify key team members of changes to contract conditions.

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Occupancy & Space Analysis

Make use of data analytics to drive retention, occupancy, and usage rates of all properties and assets. Detailed alerts and reports will help reduce vacancies in all your properties. Integrated with maintenance data to ensure the profitability of your assets.

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Occupancy and Space Analysis
Integrated Team Workflow Tools

Workflow Automation & Integration

Manage records, leases, contracts, renewals, assets, and maintenance on a single platform. Industry Software's flexibility allows it to integrate directly into your workflow and drives efficiency by automating tasks for your team.

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Core Solutions

In addition to the core functionality listed below, Industry Software's property management software provides flexibility and scalability to manage and streamline any additional processes or information necessary for your operations.

Project Management

Contract Management

Permits & Recordkeeping

Usage and Occupancy Analytics

Renewal & Vacancy Notifications

Maintenance Management

And More!

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