Software Highlights

Manage client cases and always be at the forefront with the latest updates or changes.

  • Streamline the Case Management Process
  • Client Relationship Management Tools
  • Create Schedules & Manage Tasks Efficiently
  • Automate Case Information
  • Easily Organize & Manage Documents
  • Automatic Commission Calculations
  • Streamline Agent Onboarding
  • Integrated Accounting & Legal Modules
  • Enhance Communication between Agents & Clients
  • And More

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Case Management Software Dashboard for Lawyers

Industry Highlighted Software Solutions

Case Management

Organize and streamline case-related information, track deadlines, automate workflows, and manage document repositories.

Client Relationship Management

Manage client interactions, document conversations, and maintain a database of clients and prospects.

Task Management

Stay organized and prioritize activities, set deadlines, and manage time efficiently.

Billing & Time Tracking

Streamline time tracking, simplify expense management, and automate invoicing procedures for increased efficiency.

Document Attachment & Management

Store, organize, version control, and reduce the risk of document loss.

Commission Tracking

Automatically calculate commissions based on commission structures, including fixed percentages, tiered rates, or custom formulas.

Document Reading Technology

Scan and transcribe documents into computer-readable information and easily find changes to documentation.

Agent Onboarding

Automate the process of bringing new agents into your legal agency.

Compliance Tasks & Reporting

Get alerts and updates on changing regulations and stay informed to ensure compliance.

Real-Time Communication & Collaboration

Real-time communication, task tracking, and document sharing help improve teamwork and client interactions.

Financial Management

Streamline financial transactions and generate reports with our accounting modules.

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