Industry Software Solutions List

Industry Software has over 300+ Unique solutions and modules across different industries. No matter which industry you operate in we can provide the right solution to fit into your processes and workflow.

Production Forecasting, Planning, & Scheduling

Effectively the optimal schedule to meet production and customer demands.

Maintenance Management

Reduce costs and improve asset lifetimes with an advanced CMMS.

Spend Analysis

Easily visualize and analyze spending to drive business decisions.

Property Management

Combine accessibility and automation to drive business decisions for all property managers.

Inventory Control

Manage and maintain adequate stock levels with forecasting and planning tools

Document Control

Store and manage any type of documents with detailed revision control.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Use historical and seasonal data to determine the optimal inventory required.

Lot & Batch Tracking

Track and trace your lots/batches as they move through the production process.

Project Management

From quote to complete, effectively handle all aspects of your projects.

Custom Dashboards

Make use of customized dashboards to view your business current performance.

Estimates & Quotes Generation

Streamline and automate your estimate and quote process.

Geolocation, Geofencing, & Mapping

Effective map out your work areas and connect automatic alerts.

Check Generation & ACH

Easily create checks and run ACH payments on our user-friendly platform.

ASC 842 Lease Accounting

Automatically calculate amorization, liability, and expense for all leases.

Product Lifecycle Management

From impletation to retirement, intuitively track, manage, and revise your products.

Repair Scheduling & Tracking

Ensure your equipments and assets are repaired and ready use as soon as possible.

Work Order Management

Whether preventative or reactive, stay on top of all work orders effectively.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Make use of automated text and email alerts to keep your team on of all changes.

Tenant Management

Improve communications with detailed tenant management and tenant portals.

Transporation Management

Whether a broker, carrier, or dispatcher, stay on top of all loads from origin to destination.

General Ledger

Maintain a record of all transactions flowing through your business.

Accounts Payable

Improve your workflow with automated tools and approval controls.

Accounts Receivable

Streamline the receivable process with advance file reading capabilities

EDI Integration

Make use of EDI to automatically submit and receive invoices and documents.

Tax Filing Assistance

The system will automatically prepare data related to your tax filing requirements.

Compliance Reporting

Track and audit key details on your company to ease the compliance process.

Financial Reports

Create balance sheets, income statements, trial balances, and more.

Bookkeeping, Reservations, & Scheduling

Create an effective portal to manage scheduling and reservations of key units.

Occupancy & Vacancy Tracking

Improve occupancy levels with automated alerts and usage analysis.

Contract Management

Easily track and manage contract terms and dates.

Aging Reports

Create aging reports to review payables, recievables, expirations and more.

Yard Management

Manage all details, equipment and assets on your property effectively.

Requisitions, Routing, and Approvals Management

Improve your procurement process with effective tools.

Equipment, Machinery, & Asset Tracking

Track history, location, depreciation, and value.

Flight Tracking & History

Maintain a detail record of your flights and deliveries.

Fleet & Vehicle Management

Stay on top of maintenace, expirations, licensing, and other requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensure your assets are properly maintain to increase lifetime.

BOM & Assembly Management

Revise and manage your bill of materials and assemblies processes.

Billing & Invoice

Easily prepare, generate, and send invoices to your customers.

Sales & Purchase Orders

Effective order management integrated with inventory control.

Route & Dispatch Management

Use effectively tools to ensure your workers reach the service area on-time.

Quality Management

Ensure your products and process are up to standards.

Custom Reporting

Create reports in any format or layout that you need.

Freight Forwarding

Whether ocean, air, or ground, effectively manage freights as they come in.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Use advanced accounting tools to forecast expenses and revenues.

Customer & Supplier Analysis

Determine the optimal supplier and customer for your business.

Field Service Management

Easily run your field service with advanced automation.

PLC Integration

Automatic recieve alerts on your equipment performance, run time, and issues.

Barcode/RFID Scanning & Tracking

Streamline and optimize your inventory and asset track with barcode/RFID

OEE & Run Time Tracking

Analysis your equipments and identify key factors to improve performance.

Job & Task Scheduling

Assign, schedule, reschedule jobs and tasks for your employees.

Delivery, Ticket, Load, & Container Tracking

Track and manage deliveres, tickets, loads, and containers from origin to destination.

Employee Time Tracking & Billing

Easily record and track your employee hours and pass that data to payroll and billing.


Manage payroll payments, taxes, and liability on an intuitive platform.

Statistical Process Control

Use SPC to identify keys issues and factors in your manufacturing process.

Order Management

Easily manage sales and purchase orders with advanced tools to forecast demand.

Space Management

Visualize and determine the optimal usage for your work space.

Shop Floor Management

Determine and maintain optimal production scheduling for your shop floor.

Sales Tracking, Analysis, & Reporting

Use sales data to effectively drive and forecast revenue.

Load Management

Use automated alerts to keep your team on top of loads details and obtain required documentation.

Lease & Land Management

Stay of top of lease/land terms and agreements for all property you own.

Project & Job Cost Tracking

Easily track expenses incurred for each project and job to determine performance and profit.

Material Resoure Planning

Manage and forecast your orders, while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Auditing & Quality Control

Use effective tools to conduct internal audits and ensure quality of outputs.

Enterprise Resoure Planning

Manage all aspects of your business on a single platform.

Payment Processing

Process and monitor credit card transactions, direct deposits, and ACHs.

Warehouse Management

Use advanced technology to keep track of warehouse inventory and equipment.

Point of Sale

Process sales and orders easily on a modern POS system.

Cultivation & Harvest Tracking

Track your plants and vegation from seed to harvest.

Waste Tracking

Track and manage waste produced from your operational processes.

Depreciation & Amortization Tracking

Automatic track federal, state, and book depreciation and amortization for all your assets.

Order & Ticket Picking

Effectively assign and priotize your orders and tickets to your employees.

Work-in-Process Tracking

Track each lot/batch to see its current state and determine planning changes to ensure order is completed on time.

Freight Tracking and Management

View and provide detail information for your frieghts over is path from origin to destination.

Manufacturing Process Management

Manage and optimize your manufacturing processes to improve production, performance, and quality.

Workforce Planning & Scheduling

Use effective tools to ensure your workforce is working effectively.

Load Board Integrations

Industry Software integrates with most load boards to automatically pull information on the platform.

IFTA, DOT, FMCSA Compliance & Recordkeeping

Easily track and manage mileage, expirations and other details required by IFTA, DOT, and FMCSA

Rate Con, BOL & POD Generation

Prepare, generate, and send rate cons, BOLs, and PODs with a single click.

DCAA Accounting & Compliance

Track and manage all transactions for your operations compliant to DCAA requirements.

Supply Chain Management

Analyze suppliers, lead times, demands, and inventory to maintain an effective supply chain.

HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance

All information that is encrypted from protection and restricted to specific individuals.

Utilities & Facilities Management

Manage facility and utility information with detailed reported and automatically billing.

Production Management

Track and manage your production data with effective tools to analyze and optimize production.

Modeling and Visualization Tools

Industry Software makes it easy to visualize any aspect or location of your operations.

Project Planning and Design

Use intuitive tools to create optimal schedules and designs for your projects.

User-Access Levels & Controls

Manage your employees accounts and determine with access and capability is allowed.

Customer & Client Portals

Improve communications and increase orders with an easy-to-use customer portal.

Customer Relations Management

Track and analyze all data about your customers to improve customer loyalty and drive income.

Brokerage & Transactions Management

Provide your agents with effective tools to streamline their workflow and manage transactions.

Manufacturing Execution System

Improve quality control, increase uptime, optimize equipment use and workflow, and improve regulatory compliance with data-driven decision making.

Master Schedule System

Create a realistic plan that minimizes overstock while maximizing on-time delivery.

Recipe Planning & Tracking

Configure, track, and monitor process recipes seamlessly with no limitations.

Packing, Shipping, & Labeling

Quickly generate labels while ensuring the correct items are scanned, packed, and shipped to the correct customer.

Asset Management

Track and manage your assets information, depreciaton, and location.

CAPA Management

Collect and analyze information and identify and investigate product and quality problems to determine appropriate corrective and/or preventive action.

Risk Assessment

Identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if a disaster or hazard occurs within your business.

Financial Consolidation

Consolidate financial from multiple sources or subcompanies into a single general ledger.

Bank Reconciliation

Compare and match your transaction data with your banking information to ensure up-to-date accounting.

Profit & Loss

Track and manage expenses and revenues and determine profit & loss by locations, contracts, deals, entities, etc.

Chart of Accounts

During the onboarding process, Industry Software will handle any data migrations.

Financial Integrations

Industry Software is able to integrate with any software to provide a streamline workflow and financial process.

Critical Path Tracking

Use critical path to ensure deadlines are met and project can proceed as scheduled.

Subcontractor Management

Manage your subcontractors and budgets side by side. Easily produce AFEs and change orders.

Delivery Scheduling & Invoicing

Easily create delivery schedules for any timeframe and allow your drivers to produce invoices on location.

Space Usage, Tracking & Analysis

Visualize and improve the usage of your office space and easily schedule bookings and work orders

Equipment & Machinery Optimization

Use data analytics and perfomance indicators to improve the performance of equipment and machinery.

Fund Accounting

Provide full transparent and visibility of cash flow with detail reports to donors.

Expense Tracking & Approvals

Automate employee expense tracking with an effective approval system and dollar caps.

Transaction Monitoring

Industry Software provides detailed transaction monitoring to prevent fraud and security leaks.

Loan Management

Whether you are loaning or loaned money, track and manage details, terms and dates with automatic reminders.

Bid Management

Construct, produce and track your bids on an intuitive software.

Inventory Receiving & Transferring

Provide your inventory with an easy tool to track, received and transfer inventory.

Change Management

Create and monitor action plans to improve your companies performance.

Partners & Investors Management

Improve relationships with partners and investors with transparency and automated notifications and reports.

Rule-Based Routing & Prioritization

Industry Software allows for any form of rule-based routing and prioritization to be applied to your operational processes and schedules.

Currency Conversion & Consolidation

Automatically convert and consolidation transactions from all sources.

Milestone & Deadline Management

Ensure deadlines are met and milestones are completed on time with task analysis and forecasting.

E-Commerce Integration

Industry Software integrates with e-commerce solutions to streamline accounting, reduce errors, eliminate double entry and improve workflow.

Business Intelligence

Consolidate information from all parts of your operations and visualize current and future perfomance to drive business decisions

Drive your business with advanced and modern technology!

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