Software Highlights

Streamline kitchen and dining area communication to enhance the customer's experience.

  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Labor Management
  • Equipment Maintenance Scheduling
  • Complete Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Enhance Collaboration & Communication
  • Table Reservations & Seating Management
  • Streamline Compliance & Reporting
  • And More

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Mobile Point of Sale for Restaurants

Industry Highlighted Software Solutions

Order Management

Manage customer orders, reduce errors, and improve order accuracy.

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels in real-time, automate reorders of stock, and minimize waste.

Seating & Space Management

Allow your customers to book tables online, optimize table turnover, and ensure efficient use of available space.

Staff Scheduling & Labor Management

Optimize employee schedules, track labor hours, and manage labor costs more effectively.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer profiles and loyalty programs. Personalize customer interactions to enhance the overall dining experience.


Take customer orders on mobile devices and streamline communication between the kitchen and the dining area.

Menu Management

Create and manage your menu items and ensure up-to-date pricing is presented to customers.

Supply Chain Management

Track supplier delivery and costs to ensure items are received on time and meet quality requirements.

Compliance Tasks & Reporting

Automate compliance tasks, track food safety measures, and generate reports for regulatory and quality purposes.

Order Processing

Streamline the ordering process and track dining items as they are delivered to the customer's table.

Equipment Maintenance

Ensure kitchen equipment is regularly maintained and up-to-date with the latest compliance and requirements.

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