Comprehensive Facility Solutions

Comprehensive Unified Facilities Solutions

Unified Facilities offers a range of solutions to enhance your facility management. Our tools integrate seamlessly to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and improve overall efficiency.

Unified Facilities Virtualization & Digitization

Welcome to the future of inventory management, manufacturing, and other major industries. Our Unified Facilities Virtualization & Digitization (UFVD) solution is designed to revolutionize your production capabilities. Experience seamless integration and enhanced visibility across all your production buildings with our cutting-edge technology.

Maintenance Management
Energy Management

Centralized Control & Visualization

Gain unparalleled control and insight into your manufacturing and other related operations with our Centralized Control & Visualization solution. This powerful tool allows you to manage and monitor all your unified facilities from a single, intuitive interface, revolutionizing the way you oversee your production processes.

Unified Inventory Management

Experience the next level of inventory control with our Unified Inventory Management solution. Designed specifically for complex environments and industries, this powerful tool integrates all your facilities into a single, cohesive system, providing you with unmatched visibility and control over your inventory.

Compliance and Safety
Real-Time Monitoring

Unified Maintenance Management

Elevate your facility's performance and reliability with our Unified Maintenance Management solution. This innovative tool integrates maintenance operations across all your facilities into a single, cohesive system, providing unmatched oversight and control.

Unified Manufactoring Factories or Facilities Software Solutions

Unified manufacturing facilities or factories offer a suite of tools designed to manage, streamline, and optimize all aspects of facility or factory operations. Our solutions ensure efficiency, safety, and compliance in every area of facility or factory management.


Centralized Dashboard

Manage all maintenance activities from a single, intuitive interface. Streamline scheduling, tracking, and reporting across all facilities for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Management

Manage and optimize maintenance schedules, track repairs, and ensure all equipment is functioning optimally. Reduce downtime and extend the life of your assets with our proactive management tools.

Compliance and Safety

Ensure your facility meets all regulatory requirements with our compliance management tools. Enhance safety protocols and reduce risks by maintaining industry standards and regulations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay ahead with real-time monitoring of your facility operations. Identify issues promptly and make data-driven decisions to maintain optimal performance and efficiency.

Performance Analytics

Utilize our analytics tools to gain insights into your facility's performance. Identify trends, measure efficiency, and make informed decisions to improve operations.

Integrated Systems

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems to provide a unified view of your facility operations. Enhance collaboration and streamline processes with our integrated approach.

Possible Integrations

Able to integrate with internal systems and external companies & software organizaitons. Can integrate with machinery and equipments through hardware integrations such as PLC, CNC Machines, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Modbus, OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), EtherCAT, PROFINET, RFID, QR code, Barcode and much more!

Security Management

Protect your facility with advanced security management tools. Monitor access, detect anomalies, and ensure the safety of your assets and personnel.

Asset Management

Track and manage your facility's assets with our comprehensive asset management tools. Ensure optimal utilization, reduce losses, and maintain accurate records.

Documentation and Reporting

Generate detailed reports and maintain accurate documentation for all aspects of facility management. Ensure transparency and compliance with industry standards.

And More!

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