Software Highlights

Manage property and tenants on a single platform.

  • Vacancy & Occupancy Tracking
  • Manage Tenants & Payments
  • Create Maintenace Schedules
  • Set Alert for Due Dates & Expirations
  • Assign Staff to Reactive Maintenances
  • Streamline Communication to Tenants
  • Generate Property & Tenant Reports
  • Easily Accessible Tenant Portals
  • Track Property Depreciation
  • And More

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Industry Highlighted Software Solutions

Lease Management

Automate lease tracking, send reminders for renewals, and centralize communication with tenants.

Rent Management

Automate rent collection and allow tenants to make payments online.

Preventative Maintenance

Track scheduled maintenance and facilitate communication between property managers, maintenance staff, and tenants.

Tenant Management

Automate the application and screening process, which provides property managers with quick and comprehensive background checks on potential tenants.

Document Attachment & Management

Store, organize, and retrieve documents easily, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of document loss.

Vacancy & Occupancy Management

Track vacant units and optimize the leasing process.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into market trends, tenant behavior, and overall property performance.

Work Order Management

Tenants can submit requests online, track work orders, and facilitate communication between property managers, maintenance staff, and tenants.

Compliance Tasks & Reporting

Get alerts and updates on changing regulations and stay informed to ensure legal compliance.

Facility Management

Gain insights from a visual overview of your property.

Financial Management

Utilize our accounting modules to streamline financial transactions, track expenses and revenues, and generate financial reports.

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