Intelligent MES For All Manufacturers

Intelligent MES

Whether your operation does process manufacturing or discrete manufacturing, the MES will be able to track, record, and manage data from each step of your production process. The data can be evaluated in real-time, which provides insights to drive equipment, workflow, and process efficiency while identifying exceptions or variations as they occur.

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Statistical Process Control

Make use of advanced data analytics and control charts to track and monitor process trends, minimize process variation and waste, and ensure industry requirements are fulfilled. Assign and monitor attributes to reduce variation, isolate sources of variation, and receive alerts when attributes are nearing or exceeding control limits.

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Statistical Process Control
Recipe Management

Recipe & BOM Management

Configure, track, and monitor process recipes seamlessly with no limitations. Our robust and scalable MES manages recipes from a few steps to thousands, with the ability to provide recommendations for each step based on historical and analytical data. Create, manage, and revise bills of materials intuitively with automated notifications to keep your engineering and production teams up-to-date.

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Core MES Functions

In addition to the core functionality listed below, Industry Software's MES provides flexibility and scalability to manage and streamline any additional processes or information necessary to your operations.

Operations/Detailed Sequencing

Resource Allocation And Status

Dispatching Production Unit

Performance Analysis

Process Management

Quality Management

Exception Management

Data Acquisition

Product Tracking And Traceability

Labor Management

Document Control

Maintenance Schedule

And More!

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