Space & Asset Management

Space & Asset Management

Effectively manage and track all assets and land with geographical intelligence systems, facility and lease management software, resource management, etc. Industry Software's data monitoring allows for real-time information regarding your assets, with a detailed analytics system to provide additional insight into those assets.

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Cloud Management & Data Security

All data is stored and managed on government-certified servers and databases. All data flowing through your agency is protected by advanced data encryption and security measures.

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Cloud Management & Data Security
Integrated Team Workflow Tools

Utility Billing

Municipal organizations can manage utility billing for residents and customers. Our advanced and modern technology streamlines and automates workflow processes to ensure the billing process is timely and accurate. Additionally, your team can be informed of impending payments and receive reminders for past-due payments.

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Core Solutions

In addition to the core functionality listed below, Industry Software's management software provides flexibility and scalability to manage and streamline any additional processes or information necessary for your operations.

Asset Management

Facilities Management

Space Management

Move Management

Real Estate Management

Strategic Management

Quality Management

Permits & Recordkeeping

Utilities & Tax Management

Labor Management

Document Control

Maintenance & Work Orders

And More!

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